Become A Member

If you are interested in expanding your business opportunities, please complete our Member Application and email to Jim Brown at Upon receipt of your application, an OMA representative will contact you to take the next step.

Affiliated Members

The affiliate member program was created to assist members obtain products, services & professional advice from a group of fully vetted pool of companies. Some types of affiliate members include insurance brokerage, transportation attorneys, packing materials suppliers, blanket-wrap LTL haulers, plastic box manufacturers and truck manufacturers.

Primary Members

Our quality commercial moving service providers minimum requirements include:

  • Leadership or chief sales consultant be a seasoned, proven professional of 10 years or more, in the commercial moving industry.
  • Office moving & related services sales revenue exceeding 1.5 Million gross in their market area(s).
  • Have a dedicated member that becomes the OMA representative, being active and supporting of the duties OMA needs and requires.
  • Have current associations with IFMA, BOMA, CoreNet Global, ALA, and other related professional trade associations in good standing.
  • Be member in good standing with the BBB in their markets and/or Angie’s List or other quality consumer trade organization.

  • Operate modern, clean and safe equipment for the proper service of their trades.
  • Employ trained, polite and uniformed personnel in the delivery of their services.
  • A member should have a written safety policy addressing pre-employment, post accident and continual improvement procedures.
  • A member should be one of the top 3 commercial movers in a given market.
  • Be able to provide a strong letters of recommendation from their bank and/or CPA.

A member should provide compliant, safe and legal, facility related services specializing in the following fields:

  • Commercial Office Relocation
  • Commercial Data Technology Migration Services
  • Commercial Furniture Service and Sales

  • Commercial Storage and Assets Management
  • Commercial Document Management (Storage & Destruction)
  • Access to rigging, recycling, and other, as-needed services for OMA clients and members

A member should properly serve and lead in their assigned market:

  • A member should be able to properly service a target market area at no less than 50 radial miles from source terminal. Generally, OMA wants to have a company whose sales team is no more than ½ hour from the business district and within 1 hour from the warehouse location that serves this particular market.
  • A member should be willing to extend that service radii for other members, OMA client and projects.
  • A member must be a recognized, established market leader for a minimum of two years in their original market.
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