• Sanitization (keyboards / mice / monitors)
  • Wire Management (velcro ties & convoluted piping over cables)
  • Cleaning (dust removal from using a hepa vacuum)
  • Help server room techs map destination location using a sequential tagging organizational system
  • Provide Tack Paper at the threshold of server rooms in order to stay compliant with dirt infiltration guidelines set by the client
  • Provide Tech Packers to handle sever room devices that need special handling and packing, crating, etc…..
  • Dismounting of server devices from 2 post and 4 post rack systems along with glides the device are attached to.
  • Provide on-site hard drive destruction
  • Storage of tape or disc back ups of information (client specific)
  • Creating a chain of custody via bar coding, creating a reconciliation process at destination, utilizing Bill of Lading confirmations with transporting seal and documentation signed off by the customer.
  • Inventory of all electronic assets including but not limited to; CPUs, flat screens, flat panels, servers, UPSs, phones, Blackberries, docking stations and laptops
  • Imaging or re-imaging of hard drives based on end user’s needs and security level
  • Provide planning sheets that allow the end user to choose the final position of the desktop, printers and monitors during the relocation

We also Provide life cycle services:

  • Receiving and merging equipment
  • Provide receiving inventory real time back to the client
  • Warehouse services for incoming as well as outgoing items
  • Documenting/recording serial numbers
  • Processing warranty information back to the manufacturer
  • Applying client's asset tags and description downloaded to a spreadsheet
  • Help provide transition management services to the end user
  • Remove, recycle, re-use equipment that has reached their end of life for the client
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